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The First Animation Study Annual Conference of China

Author: Yuehua Piao | Date: 12/2/16, 2:48 PM

The First Animation Study Annual Conference of China", was held at Chengdu University in Sichuan Province during 19th-20th of November. ASIFA-CHINA was involved as of co-organizer (and advisor) of the event.

More than 200 guests across the country and abroad attended this event, and presented great speeches and presentations at the event. Ms Corrie Francis Parks of ASIFA Colorado joined us as well as several international scholars from Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Ms. Parks provided a speech in name of "Shifting Sands:Contemporary Trends in Powder of Animation". She shared her sand animation works and her deep research in sand animation with all the participants.The presentation addressed the historical variations of sand animation, the physical properties of material that resulted in typical movement patterns, and the contemporary evolution of the technique that breaks through the historical trends as a result of the adoption of digital capture and compositing.

Mr. Johnchill Lee, Chair of ASIFA-China provided a speech named "The Media Essence of Animation  and  Pan Animation". He proposed an idea that the essence of animation is media content. Animation is not supposed to be used for telling stories, but also can be widely applied in mass media.The development of Pan Animation will change the animation industry and employment trends.

During the event, we also screened the prize-winning animation films in three different theme “Meet”、“Love” and “Together”, which was warmly welcomed by the participants. Many animation institutions expressed their desire of inviting us to their schools for  lectures and screenings (or academic exchange activities).

Through the recent event, we are hoping to have more film exchange opporutnities with ASIFA chapters around the world,  to introduce more foreign animation films and animators to China.