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New ASIFA Magazine

Author: Thomas Renoldner | Date: 6/6/18, 3:53 PM

It is with big pleasure, that we can announce the appearance of the newly designed ASIFA Magazine!

It will be available for the price of 5.- Euro at the Book Shops or Festival Booths at the international animation festivals in Zagreb, Annecy, Hiroshima, Ottawa, Espinho, Xiamen, Seoul, etc. and we will let you know where else later.

ASIFA Members will receive it to the home addresses, unless they pick it up during Zagreb or Annecy Festivals.

The main focus of this printed magazine is to present outstanding independent animation art in a most enjoyable way. The production and mailing of the magazine is organised by ASIFA China and ASIFA China Xiamen, the design team is in Vienna, and the Editor-in-Chief is Chris Robinson.

ASIFA Members can downlaod a pdf version of the magazine when they log in to their account on If you do not yet have an account, please contact your chapter representative



BONOBOSTUDIO: A small miracle in the vast Balkans by Draško Ivezić

BIRTHDAYS AND TOMBSTONES: Powerful and eloquent symbols: Nukufilm Studio Turns 60 by Mait Laas


THE BURDEN OF DREAMS by Chris Robinson


SEX MAKES SENSE by Olga Bobrowska

PIVOTAL FILM - New Animation Shorts Reviewed by Timothy David Orme

RIOT by Frank Ternier



Thomas Renoldner. ASIFA Vice President, Communication Dept.

Dear Readers, dear Friends of the Art of Animation, dear ASIFA Members!

We are delighted to present the first edition of our new ASIFA Magazine.

According to the “Media Reform Plan” decided by the ASIFA Board in springtime 2018 “the ASIFA Magazine primarily wants to present the Art of Animation, with a strong focus on independent animation.” , while the “News from ASIFA Chapters”, which had been a part of the ASIFA Magazine in the past, now are presented on our website and possibly in a future e-mail newsletter.

Our intention with this annually printed ASIFA publication is to give you an Animation Art Magazine in hands, which you can enjoy to read and to look at. Chris Robinson (Ottawa), long-time Editor-in-Chief of our magazine has again invited professional international authors to write articles about actual tendencies, outstanding artists and remarkable animation studios.

The magazine has developed a visual design, that underlines the power of a printed medium and invites you to enjoy the richness of images coming from animation projects. Especially in time of internet, when the overflow of articles on numerous websites have the tendency to lose attention, a printed magazine like this one still makes sense to us. It is an object to make ASIFA visible also in the “real world”, a tool to communicate with people directly (e.g. at festivals), to

reach new audiences and, last but not least, to keep a good tradition alive, which ASIFA had started in Paris in 1961 with the first international publication about the art of animation. Both, the printed version of this ASIFA Magazine

and additional online editions, will be published on our website.

A big Thank You to ASIFA China, who managed and financed the printing and mailing of our magazine. We hope you enjoy this magazine, and we invite you to give feedback at



Chris Robinson, Editor-in-Chief


Welcome to the 2018 print edition of the ASIFA Magazine.

I generally eschew these editorial introductions. Usually they’re just a page of yawns leading you towards some fantastic vision the editor thinks they’ve had. I’d rather you just read the articles and draw your own conclusions.

Though I have come up with most of the topics, I’ve really just sought to serve up a smattering of diverse voices reflecting on various films, concepts and trends that they—and I—find interesting.

But, since you’re here and I’m here, sort of, well, let me just say with this magazine, the emphasis is—and always has been since I started as editor around 2001—on the international independent animation community. Mainstream or industrial—whatever you want to call it—animation already has great access to money, media and audiences. I’d rather attention was given to a large part of the animation community that deserves—but does not have—such easy access. And let’s face it, the indie community is where the most interesting, provocative and original voices and visions are to be discovered (where else do you think the industry hoists its ideas from?). So, with each issue of the ASIFA Magazine, I’ve tried to shine a light on various corners of the animation world that are too often in the shadows.

In this issue, we’re turning that spotlight onto new voices in the U.S. indie animation community; the dynamic work of Croatia’s Bonostudio; and a bittersweet tribute to the 60th anniversary of Estonia’s struggling Nukufilm studio. We’ll also look at certain trends like the crossover between gaming and animation; the increasing tone of defiance in many short films and the refreshing and unharnessed takes on female sexuality by female animators.

Additionally, we’re introducing a new column that provides critical insight into a handful of new animation short films and we round this off with a feature article on Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s widely hailed short film, The Burden .

Beyond that, another important aim of this magazine is to find new writing voices. I’ve made a concerted effort to go beyond the familiar and to seek out young and diverse new voices who offer fresh perspectives on the always shifting animation community.



Ed Desroches, ASIFA President

Peace and Greetings!

Having a new look, a new feel, and a new team is exciting! This new ASIFA magazine promises to be a fresh start on a tried and true animation journal. We think you will like it.

As ASIFA rounds out the end of its sixth decade of existence, the organization finds need for reflection and renewal. We experience a lot as we age and ASIFA is no different. Having helped many festivals get off the ground, many animators meet foreign comrades, and many people get a glimpse into the world of animation, the international association of animators has witnessed, assisted, and guided a good deal of the animation society. ASIFA has seen its
share of wars, some belligerent and some cold, cruelties, and other atrocities against humanity, but it has also experienced hope, love, and beauty. The organization helped forge many friendships and observed the kindness in many
people. ASIFA pursues this peace. Over the past decade, animation has experienced a resurgence as it moves into new industries such as the forensic and medical realms and explores new technologies like virtual and augmented realities. Much like animation, ASIFA now is in the process of revitalization. Our website,, redesign is launched with new content and a member’s area for reviewing and connecting. We have a new dedicated team in specialized areas of the organization to help you, our members, and to explore new possibilities for each space. And now, our rebranded magazine is available for your perusal, concentration, and curiosity.
Enjoy and keep animated!