Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association

Letter from ASIFA President

Author: Sayoko Kinoshita | Date: 2/20/19, 2:07 PM

ASIFA recently elected a new Executive Board for the upcoming 3 year term. We congratulate those candidates who will be serving ASIFA with their efforts and talents in the upcoming years. Below is a message from ASIFA President, Sayoko Kinoshita.


President – Sayoko Kinoshita
Vice President, Development – Johnchill Lee
Vice President, Communications – Thomas Renoldner
Vice President, Special Projects – Deanna Morse
Vice President, Operations – Mohamed Ghazalah 
Secretary General – Vesna Dovnikovic
Treasurer – Stefan Stratil

Sayoko Kinoshita - ASIFA President

Dear Friends,

In 2020, ASIFA will mark its 60th anniversary since the establishment.
I am delighted to be able to celebrate such commemorative milestone with you all.

Today, animation media is known to many people as one of the essential means of expression in our daily lives. However, it is also a reality that its variety of the expression is not yet well known widely.

Ever since its establishment in 1960, ASIFA has been continued working with the aim which is to respect the rights of artists with the motto of freedom of expression as well as spreading the variety of animation, and to contribute to the world peace through the promotion of the art.
Exchanging and understanding the different cultures in the world and cooperation to one another by the expressiveness of animation which is beyond language and border have showed its best ability during the Cold War era, and it is the pride of our history that has continued until today.
This spirit of ASIFA overlaps with mine as well, as a co-founder of Hiroshima International Animation Festival, which I have been engaging in its organization to this day. 

Together with you, I would like to cherish the courage that our forerunners showed and make efforts to pass the spirit to the next generation so that it will develop even further.

Sayoko Kinoshita
ASIFA President