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International Animation Day Celebrations!

Author: Deanna Morse | Date: 10/25/18, 1:37 PM

International Animation Day (IAD) 2018 is in full swing, for a worldwide simultaneous, celebration of the Art of Animation. There are activities around the world, on every inhabited continent.
Fifteen ASIFA groups have organized programs for exchange, with dynamic and diverse films from Australia, Cyprus, China, Germany, Hellas, Iran, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA. In addition to screenings, some countries are organizing workshops, discussions, mixers, and exhibitions. IAD will be celebrated at festivals, universities, art museums, libraries, and a variety of other venues.

October 28 marks the first public animation projection in 1892 by Emile Reynaud in Paris, France. IAD 2018 activities often continue for several days afterwards, but on that day, October 28th, we can recognize that we are connected to others around the world, as we celebrate our love of animation together. As a visual medium, animation can communicate across borders, sharing stories, ideas and experiences without the need for translating verbal language. That sharing offers a powerful connection, from person to person, from nation to nation, a connection of mutual understanding, peace, and joy.

Happy International Animation Day 2018!

For more information on specific events in different countries, check out the IAD Facebook Page or contact IAD Coordinator Brad Yarhouse brad [at]

Some of the many films shared through the ASIFA International Animation Day program exchange.