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In Memorium - John Vassiliades

Author: S. Siakas | Date: 6/15/19, 12:45 AM

John Vassiliades

The world of animation and others beyond are mourning the loss of an exceptional personality, John Vassiliades. He was a founding member and the first president of ASIFA HELLAS (Greek Union of Animation) the main goal of which, is to promote animation in Greece. Vassiliades, born in 1936 in Instabul, was interested in the piano, literature, but most of all in the field of animation and cinema. He translated works of literature and music and published them (Bartoc by Piere Cintron, 1969, revised anthology of music texts and many more). 

An important landmark in the field of animation was when, in 1975, he edited the unique book about the first theoretical approach of animation. In 1985, edited the second revised and enriched edition. 

During the decades of ‘70’s till 2000, he kept in touch with important animators/ creators, watching all their films from a critical-constructive viewpoint. As a researcher in the field of animation, he kept in touch with distinguished producers and many others related to the world of the art of animation, both in Greece and abroad.

Besides animation, he was occupied with the writing of essays and studies for the cinema and especially for the animation in journals such as Film, Cinema, The Word and others. Also, he translated in  the greek language and published works suca as Bartoc by Piere Cinton and music texts and more.

With his latest book, ANIMATION HISTORY AND AESTHETIC OF ANIMATED DESIGN, in 2007 he aimed to make all the competent bodies so as for the animation to be institutionalized as well as the course of animation to be stated. 

Another dimension of his multitalented personality was the scriptwriting of many film scripts, which he didn’t publish. He gave one of them to Spyrow Siakas, who realized it as a short film titled "Verikoka” in 2015.

John Vassiliades leaves an important legacy in the field of animation, which is a unique cultural heritage, worth being institutionalized.

Courtesy of ASIFA Hellas