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In Memorium - Ihab Shaker

Author: Mohamed Ghazala | Date: 1/19/20, 3:48 PM

At the end of 2019, Egypt sent its farewell to one of its most distinct artists in the twentieth century, Ihab Shaker, who was the first African member of ASIFA.

Ihab was born in Cairo Egypt, on August 15, 1933, to late Antoun Shaker and Isabelle Sabongui. From a very young age, he demonstrated a great artistic talent and his parents sent him for professional training in1947.

At university, in 1952, Ihab’s professors were so impressed with his abilities, they recommended him to work at El Gomhoreya Newspaper and illustrate for children. When he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1957, he was already renowned.

In his early years, Ihab worked as a Press Cartoonist and Illustrator in most Egyptian newspapers and magazines, as well as some magazines in France. He also created theater plays for children in Cairo and in France, while working with UNICEF.

In 1968, Ihab moved to France to study animation and work with Paul Grimault. He has created 5 short animated films between Paris and Cairo. 1,2,3 (1974) received “Le prix de qualité du Centre national français” and represented France all over the world. Love dance (1996) received “Best Animation Film” in Cairo’s National Film Festival. He was member of the jury at several animation festivals.

In addition, he created Shamsa and Dana, characters in Majed Children Magazine and other children's drawings. His distinguished experience in the world of animation during the sixties and seventies gave him the opportunity to stay in Paris for several years.

Moreover, he was one of the most prominent Egyptian plastic artists  and oil painters since 1970, exhibiting not only Egypt, but Japan, Austria, Italy and other countries.
Annecy International Animation Festival chose him to be the first Arab and African to participate in the membership of a jury in 1993. In 2011, the International Association of Animation Film - ASIFA - chose him as the first Arab and African member of the organization to design the annual poster for International Animation Day, to be distributed around the world on October 28th in the same year.

More about Ihab Shaker's contribution to art and animation can be founf at

The IAD poster from 2011, designed by Ihab Shaker