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ASIFA Prize 2020 - Rein Raamat

Author: Corrie Parks | Date: 12/19/20, 2:36 AM

Rein Raamat is surprised by the Tallin Black Nights Festival team to present the award.

The ASIFA Prize 2020 was presented to Estonian animator Rein Raamat on 10 November 2020 safely and perfectly, with the very kind cooperation of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Considering the corona virus risks for Rein Raamat, the award was presented at his house and recorded on video to be screened at the opening ceremony of the festival. As is tradition, the award was kept secret, and so was a great surprise to Rein, who was very happy to receive it!

Rein Raamat is known as one of the father's of Estonian animation. Trained as a painter at the Estonian Art Institute, he worked as a director and artist until founding the Joonisfilm Studio in 1971. Among his best known works are "Põrgu" (Hell, 1983) and "Suur Tõll" (Tõll the Great, 1980), and "Lend" (Flight, 1973)

The award artwork was made by another great artist Juri Arrak, who worked with Raamat on the acclaimed film “Suur Tõll”.

Artwork by Juri Arrak

Raamat's acceptance message:

ASIFA Prize 2020 - REIN RAAMAT acceptance speech from ASIFA International on Vimeo.



Rein Raamat

Everything was perfectly arranged by Mari-Liis Rebane (of Estonian Short Film Center), a close relative to Rein.

Please find below a TV news (Estonian National Television) and article which Mari-Liis kindly shared us today.

The letter of appreciation written by ASIFA President, Sayoko Kinoshita is copied below.

Dear Rein Raamat,

I hope you and Helvi and your family are all well.

On behalf of ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation), I am very pleased and honored to extend our sincere gratitude and admiration to your great contribution to the development of animation field internationally for so many years.

It would be our pleasure if you could kindly accept our awarding of ASIFA Prize 2020, which expresses our appreciation, especially to your many important films depicting your philosophy and strong messages for humanity and peace, by such a poetical expression through the art of animation. We believe that your films will be respected and treasured continuously in future as well and foster many talented young filmmakers.

For the memory of this prize, I am very happy that Juri Arrak kindly made this artwork for you!

Thank you very much for all your dedication! Wishing you all the best and continued much success!

Sincerely yours,

Sayoko Kinoshita