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International Animated Film Association

ASIFA 60th Anniversary

Author: | Date: 1/15/20, 5:13 PM

Dear Friends,

Happy ASIFA 60th Anniversary Year 2020!!!

On this occasion of a very special year, I recall the faces of our founders. They used to tell me their stories, some of which were about the struggles they had gone through before the establishment, and some were pleasant ones about the borderless animation filmmakers themselves, filled with hopes even though they had been in the middle of hardship at that time.

With their sincere wishes which came from witnessing such severe situation of World War I and World War II, as well as with the strong determination to become bearers of world peace by cultural exchanges through the development of animation art, we ASIFA members have long been working together and supporting each other, with amicable volunteer spirits even under the Cold War. This is what we ASIFA should be proud of, and is still important today as well.

Let’s celebrate this jubilee together internationally to develop friendships and the future of animation!


Sayoko Kinoshita
ASIFA President