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Diek Grobler

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Diek Grobler is an artist working with animation. He has directed several short films, and has received international awards for his films for children – “Please Frog, just one sip” at Hiroshima 2018, and “a little bird’s ABC” in Iran, KROK and Tindirindis in 2009. In 2014 and 2016 he conceptualized and produced ‘Filmverse 1 & 2’ - a series of24 animated films by various South African artists, inspired by Afrikaans poetry. Films from both projects traveled the festival circuit, and won some awards, amongst others at Annecy 2016. Diek is currently doing a PhD study on Animated poetry: exploring practice of narrative strategies in the creation of animated poetry films, at the Univeristy of South Africa. He lives and works in Pretoria, South Africa.