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Chris Sullivan

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Bio and filmography of Chris Sullivan: I was born and raised in the wooded hills of Pittsburgh Pa. along with 10 siblings. A product of my British mother Beryl, and my Irish American father Lawrence. they met in England during WW2. I now live in Chicago, where I make my work, teach at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and am father to Carmen and Silvia Abelson. I have been creating experimental film and theater for 30 years. I have shown my work in festivals, theaters and museums world wide, including Zagreb World Festival of Animation; Humboldt Film Festival; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Ottawa Animation Festival; Guggenheim Museum; Boston Museum; Tribeca Film Festival , Osian's Cinefest in India , in Haifa film festival, Chicago international, Milano, Vancouver International, Pacific Film Archives Denver Starz; Annecy, Zagreb, Animator, Fantoche, and many more. Consuming Spirits had it’s theatrical debut at New York’s Film Forum for a two week run. In December of 2012. Then . Cinefamily In LA, Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago, Consuming Spirits began production in earnest in 1999 after receiving funding by a fellowship from The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and then equal funding came in the next year from Artist The Rockefeller Foundation Film Fellowship, Just as Consuming Spirits is finally finished, Chris received a Creative Capital Grant to start work on another experimental feature. The Orbit of Minor Satellites. In 2017 I ran a successful Kickstarter for The Orbit of Minor Satellites, and the film will now be finished by 2019