Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association

International Connections

ASIFA International is the first-established and farthest-reaching international organization founded for the very purpose of connecting animators across cultures and countries. Regional ASIFA Groups all over the world are working for the benefit of animation in different ways, then these groups and individual members come together, in order to work for the benefit of animation on the international level.  Because we are animators connecting to animators, our organization offers opportunities for making connections with each other. We love the art of animation. ASIFA animators meet at festivals, contact other ASIFA members when they are traveling, and build relationships of collaboration. Recent examples include: guest lectures and teaching at colleges, exchanges and tours of facilities, project collaboration, correspondence, and mentoring. As a group, ASIFA brings together like-minded individuals who share our love of animation, believe that animation can help communicate across borders, and can foster international communication. Animation communicates across borders.

ASIFA Members connect across the globe at festivals, conferences, and animated events. As an international member, you can contact the local ASIFA chapter in the region where you are travelling to learn about upcoming events and make connections.