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International Animation Day – 28th October

What is International Animation Day (IAD)?

October 28th is proclaimed International Animation Day, commemorating the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris in 1892.

Beyond the many national ASIFA Chapters which celebrate International Animation Day, ASIFA invites other cultural institutions to join in by screening animated films, organizing workshops, exhibiting artwork and stills, providing technical demonstrations, and organizing other events helping to promote the art of animation. Such a celebration is an outstanding opportunity of putting the animated film in the limelight, making this art more accessible to the public.

This event began in 2002, and in recent years, was observed in more than 40 different countries, on every continent, all over the world. For the first time, countries such as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mozambique and Poland participated. Some countries extended it to several cities and several days, especially in France and Brazil, but also in Canada, Hungary, India, Israel, Portugal, Sweden and USA. Each year, ASIFA calls upon a famous director to create the visual poster design for the IAD. Poster designs have been created by Daniela Bak, Iouri Tcherenkov, Eric Ledune, Paul Driessen, Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Abi Feijo, Michele Ocelot, Nina Paley, Raoul Servais,  Ihab Shaker and Gianluigi Toccafondo.

What is shown?

Full length animation films, historical features, animated shorts, and student films, all variety of animation art.  These films display an extraordinary range of techniques – drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper, and computer.  Because many animated films are non-verbal, it is a rich opportunity for cross cultural expression and communication.

IAD Trailer

Program exchanges

Beginning in 2005, a system of program exchanges was created to help participants put together culturally diverse animation programs from around the world. In one year, programs from Brazil, China, France, Hungary, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, USA, and Ghana were proposed. The exchange is an incredible opportunity to discover films from all over the world during this great international animation celebration.

Event organizers who wish to screen one of these programs must contact the ASIFA representative of their country to participate.

For any further information, please contact Vanessa Ventura, Curator of the International Animation Day on behalf of the international ASIFA.

Contact : Vanessa Ventura, IAD Curator

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