Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association



The Mexican chapter of the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation was created to reunite the community of artists and enthusiasts that are willing to promote Animation as an art form within the Mexican artistic tradition and also to represent and advocate the exposure of the Mexican animation output internationally.

ASIFA Mexico serves two distinct communities: Local audience & international audience. Locally, ASIFA Mexico works to educate, popularize and promote Animation as a recognized art form within Mexico. Our efforts should aim to inform the Mexican people about what Animation is, how it works, what have Mexican animators achieved and how it can be the natural progression of the rich Mexican pictorial tradition.

Internationally, ASIFA Mexico works to present and promote Mexican animated films to as many international audiences as possible. Ideally, ASIFA Mexico will curate and exchange a Mexican Animation Showcase with other chapters and festivals.


Medellín 344 int 16, Colonia Roma Sur, Delegación Cuauhtémoc
06760, Mexico City





e-mail: asifamexico[at]

phone: +5255 51896062