Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association



* ASIFA Korea History

In 1996, ASIFA Korea was established by Nelson SHIN.

For last 14 years, ASIFA Korea has continued many activities, with cooperation and exchanges in animation world inside and outside of Korea.

ASIFA Korea has supported national animation festivals, helped to supply films to them, organized animation educational program and exhibitions and so on.

On September 2009 ASIFA Korea was approved formally as one of non-profit Corporations by Seoul Metropolitan Government. ASIFA Korea is non-profit organization and indeed we gain a foothold to expand our activities.

Since 2006, ASIFA Korea has hold fourth events of IAD and it has continued to have successful results.

And they will expand their activities with planning International Animation Kids Festival, Animation Educational Forum /screenings and IAD.

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* Activities

The main goal of ASIFA Korea is to promote animation arts all over the world and to encourage animation education.

IAD- Since 2006, ASIFA Korea has celebrated IAD and started exchange programs with other chapters.

ASIFA Korea had exchanged programs with France, Japan, Bulgaria, China, Coratia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, USA, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, India and Israel so far.

Screenings- On December 2002, ASIFA Korea held a General Seminar and Screenings.

On August 2004, ASIFA Korea held international art exhibition and animation screenings.

Exhibition & Festival- On June 1999, ASIFA Korea organized ‘The Best Selection with Korean Animated Films’ in KAFF Festival.

On May 2005, ASIFA Korea invited ASIFA board members for formalization of partnership between SICAF and ASIFA..

Since 2000, ASIFA Korea has patronized various kinds of animation festivals; SICAF(Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival) , PISAF(Puchon International Student Animation Festival), Chung-gang Cartoon, Animation & Game Festival, Chunchon Anitown Festival and so on.

Sponsorship- On May 2002, ASIFA Korea sponsored for an award at 5th Cheong Gang National Cartoon & Animation & Game Competition. On November 2002, ASIFA Korea sponsored for a prize at PISAF 2002.

On August 2003, ASIFA Korea sponsored for a prize at SICAF.


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