Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association



ASIFA-Egypt is a non-profit organization, the regional African & Arabian chapter of "Association International du Film d'Animation" (ASIFA) whose members are involved-professionally and amateurishly- to animated films art and industry in the region.

Our chapter have been established in 2008 to foster the dignity, concerns and advancement of artists in Africa and Arab world who are involved in any and all aspects of animation and the art industry,with intending to promote the animation industry with the aim of creating a unique regional identity that will have an impact in the international Market.

ASIFA Egypt is a networking organization. We provide opportunities for you to meet and exchange business cards with interesting and influential people in the animation industry. ASIFA Egypt is an organization of friendly and helpful people. Look for a mentor here!

ASIFA Egypt is an educational organization. Through our workshops, meetings and panels you are bound to gain valuable insight into the industry, opportunities available to you and other educational resources in your area.

ASIFA Egypt is worldwide. With most members concentrated in Africa and Arab World, our influence and members at large reach into many other countries and is growing all the time through our netwroking with international and local organizations and academies.

The objectives and aims of ASIFA Egypt includes the following:

  • The encouragement of the development and expression of all forms of animation in Africa & Arab World.
  • The promotion of standards in animation.
  • The support and encouragement of animation education.
  • Creating public awareness of animation, its storytelling capabilities and its expansion into the emerging media.
  • Being a liaison to encourage the free exchange of ideas within the animation community.
  • The encouragement of social interaction between professional and non-professional animation enthusiasts.
  • Compiling and keeping a database related to the animation industry.
  • Playing an advisory role in matters related to animation for the public and private sector, industry and academia.




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