Association Internationale du Film d’Animation
International Animated Film Association



Executive Director: Marisa Tontaveetong

Associate Director: Justice Obiaya


Location Headquarter: Atlanta, Georgia

ASIFA-SOUTH, formerly ASIFA-ATLANTA formed in 1995. In 2016 official debut this expansion at the Atlanta Film Festival. With a focused mission of promoting artist visibility, support of steam education, entrepreneurship for artists, and the promotion of inclusiveness and diversity in art.


Asifac Animation Conference Festival Asifa South Animation Festival and ConferenceASIFA-SOUTH Animation Conference an d Festival holds the only annual and largest ASIFA Animation Festival and Conference in the Southeast US with animation and industry-related panels / Past and present jury for the festiv al consist of industry professionals from Dreamworks TV, Floyd County Studio, Bento Box Entertainment, Sony Feature Animation, Primal Screen, the Weather Channel, and more. Extended screening of Asifa-South programming is also sent to partners in North Carolina, Savannah, and Florida. 

The festival also highlights southern talents with their signature Southern Spotlight block that is sent to other chapters during International Animation Day celebration and festivals around the world and have screened in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Central US, China, and more.  

ASIFA-South committee members also regularly assist other festivals in jurying, curating and screening for their animation festivals such as the Atlanta Film Festival's Oscar Eligible animated shorts category, NW Animation festival in Portland, Terminus Film Festival, and more.Partnering with theAtlanta Film Festival, we also brought the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows to Atlanta in our mission to screen quality animation for the community. 



Animation Workshop at Oakcliff Elementary SchoolOther than animation curation and screenings, ASIFA-South prides itself on community engagement, and regularly engages locally with partners such as the Georgia Production Partnership, Atlanta Film Festival, Terminus Film Festival, Art is King, Women in Film and Television, Georgia Game Developer Association, Dragoncon, Momocon, Bronzelens Festival to help carry out animation workshops and panels. 

We also do free animation workshops and screenings for libraries, schools, and hospitals such as with the Oakcliff Elementary School, ReImagine, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, North Fulton Communities Charity, etc.




A key goal of Asifa-South is to increase the entrepreneurship skills of the artist to foster well-rounded business savvy creatives. We started the Business Basics for Creatives 5-part workshop with entertainment Lee Morin in 2016 as a way to bring low-cost comprehensive entertainment law and startup education to the community. This seed of a beginning has inspired Lee's current work with Georgia State University College of Law in their creation of the more robust and fledged out educational initiative entitled, "Legal Basics for Entertainers, Athletes, and Other Creatives". Asifa-South also has a directory of Animators that we regularly use to help studios seek out talents. 

We also recently launched our first creative incubator sponsored by the School of Human studios, content creators for Netflix, Hulu, AdultSwim in Atlanta designed to give participants real industry experience working with studios while honing their skills to add their portfolio in a trained environment. The program is open to existing creatives seeking to break into the industry or creatives interested in the process of animation. The lab takes place both virtually and within the studios of School of Humans, the program sponsor, and runs over a 2.5 months period with a $1500 honorarium for participants upon completion, complimentary all-access ASIFAC festival badge, and a certificate. 

Asifa-South also takes in volunteers and interns keeping the focus on mentoring and guiding interns with tips for the industry and life experience towards future success. Past ASIFA-South interns have gone on to work at Sony Feature Animation, The Third Floor Studios, Nickelodeon, etc.


Monthly Mixer Our committee is made out of a diverse group of people from all nations, background, gender, disabilities. We are committed to seeking out content and encouraging content creators to tell their own stories and believe that in order to do so, our individual committee should be movers and shakers from all background. We believe in proactively reaching out to all demographics.

Our committee members in their spare time also engage in setting up and help with partnering organizations such as Out on Films for LGBT initiatives, creating nurturing programs such as Onda Latino Americana Artistica to nurture the industry in Latin America, and we regularly partner with organizations and individuals globally. We also do not limit our organization to just animators but understand that the art form is always changing and seek to educate and bring forth leading trends to the community.

We also have a free monthly mixer at the end of every month that brings out industry professionals from different studios to meet and greet people to talk about what they do. We believe networking is at the heart of what makes our organization a strong entity. 

Local News

Asifa-South Creative Incubator 2018 Application


We are very excited to announce our creative incubator launch tomorrow for our first training program sponsored by School of Humans studio (producer of content for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) in Atlanta. This beta program is currently limited to Atlanta but we hope that in the coming years this will expand to include our Southern partners/ other Asifa chapters once we go through some prototyping to make this more robust. Applications close Sept 10th. 


The program is designed to provide real studio experience/ client work, onsite and online technical and creative training supervised program with an honorarium of $1500 at the end of the project for each of our 6 selected participants.




In addition to our 2 days full of panels and screenings, this year for our ASIFAC festival, we're having a XR/ immersive event heading by our VR sponsor and will be showcasing groundbreaking technology from partners such as Reallusion (iclone/ iphone mocap). We are also having a sharpie art slam with competing curated local artist teams. For any interested Asifa Chapter members that will be in Atlanta November 3-4, we honor the same discount to other chapters as our own members for the festival. See details at










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