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Each year, ASIFA calls upon a famous animator to create the poster of IAD. It is then adapted for each country in order to guarantee a worldwide view of the event.

Previous editions involved the work of animators such as Iouri Tcherenkov, Paul Driessen, Abi Feijo, Eric Ledune, Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Michel Ocelot, Nina Paley, Raoul Servais, Ihab Shaker and Gianluigi Toccafondo.


>> How to communicate?

Each organiser participating to IAD can use the poster and the labels to create its own communication tools according to its needs: printed posters, flyers, booklets etc.

But to guarantee the coherence of communication around IAD, these tools must include:

- the original IAD poster and the signature of the artist

- the mention: “International Animation Day” (or its translation in local language)

- ASIFA logo


>> Oscar Grillo, creator of the IAD poster 2013


IAD 2013 Poster : by Oscar Grillo

Click on Poster for a larger format.  Click here for a print-ready CMYK version (60MB zip file includes font, ASIFA logo, large format poster with and without text)


Oscar was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1943. Having attended Art School at the age of 16 he began working in animation and his career was broadened into publishing cartoons in satirical magazines, illustrating books and painting. After moving to Europe in 1969, he illustrated books in Spain and Italy before settling in London, where his career as animator re-started in 1971. During the ensuing 40 years Oscar directed and animated countless commercials and amongst some animation shorts, he designed, directed and animated Seaside Woman, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1980. That same year Oscar and Ted Rockley created Klactoveesedstene Animations. Oscar continued his work as illustrator, painter and, more recently, blogger.

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