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International Animation Day: 28th October

IAD2011 HQ-TITLE IAD 2011 Poster


Since 2002, Asifa, celebrates and coordinates the « International animation day » (IAD), commemorating the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris in 1892. Such a celebration is an outstanding opportunity to put the animated film in the limelight and make this art more accessible to the public.


Some full length animation films have major box office successes – and this is true on all continents – partly because they go further than basic entertainment. Animated shorts, TV series, video clips, ads, and special effects also invade our different screens.


We are thus witnessing an important development of this art, regarding not only inspirational sources but also influences from many different fields. An extraordinary range of techniques are imagined – drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper, computerised techniques etc – which, combined with stories, sets and sounds, give an infinite variety of aesthetics and messages.


ASIFA’s role is both to enhance and satisfy the public’s curiosity, in particular with the means of other forms of shows: encounters, concerts, exhibitions, dynamic activities related to contemporary events or local interests…

Please find in IAD sections of this website various information about this unique event.



* About

Each structure can contact its country’s national Chapter to establish adequate projects, available on the ASIFA website > groups.

For more information, please contact Vanessa Ventura, Curator of International Animation Day on behalf of ASIFA International.

Contact :








* How to Participate

Beyond the several national Asifa national Chapters any cultural or educational organization can join this event by screening animated films, organizing workshops, exhibiting artwork and stills, providing technical demonstrations, helping to promote the art of animation…


Organisers can register until the 1st of October. It is free of charge.

The entry form has to be filled in with details about your event(s) and send by email to:

Please notice that:

- only those who have sent their entry form will have their program published on the general program of IAD ;

- Asifa keeps the right not to insert an event which doesn’t fit with the spirit of Asifa in the general program.


* Fill in the form










* Film Exchange

In 2005, a system of program exchanges was created to help participants put together culturally diverse animation programs from around the world.

Each year a dozen of programs in DVD are proposed by the national groups of Asifa (and some organizations and festivals). The exchange is an incredible opportunity to discover films from all over the world during this great international animation celebration.


As ASIFA is concerned with sustaining and preserving the rights of animators and the art of animation, the content of the DVDs should be the reflect of that objective by offering the best of national productions.

Please notice that these programs can only been screened to audiences during the IAD celebration, in the frame of non commercial screenings.


For further information, organizations can contact the national Asifa groups. The contacts are available on the Asifa website > groups.

An entry form for program exchange has to be filled in and send by email to:


Download the form

Prevsious programs can be found at:




* Articles

Ihab Shaker designs ASIFA’s Int’l Animation Day Poster 2011

By Mohamed Ghazala, President of Asifa Egypt





Ihab Shaker Ihab Shaker




“ On the 4th of March, the Board of ASIFA elected an Egyptian animator to create the poster for the 10th International Animation Day 2011―their first time choosing an artist from Africa or the Arab world to achieve that honour.

This election has symbolic meaning, and not only because of the fact that Ihab Shaker (b. Cairo, 1933) ―the chosen artist―is really a great artist, or just in solidarity with the peaceful victory of the Egyptian revolution of January 25, against the dictatorship, which was described by President Obama as “inspiring”.

On top of all this, an Egyptian was elected to design the annual poster of the international day of the animated art to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Egyptian animation, celebrating the first public showing of locally-made animation in the whole of Africa.

Ihab Shaker directed many animated films in Egypt beginning in 1968 (The Bottle) and then moved to France, where he met and worked with the French pioneer Paul Grimault (Walt Disney’s French and equally celebrated counterpart, as Shaker addressed in one of his interviews) who helped Shaker to direct his work entitled Un Deux Trois, which earned Shaker the prestigious Prix de QualitĂ© (1973). Later, Shaker became the first Egyptian and African member of ASIFA. Then he returned home, though he would revisit France intermittently. Once he was a member of the jury in Annecy (1993).”




* Posters

Each year, ASIFA calls upon a famous animator to create the poster of IAD. It is then adapted for each country in order to guarantee a worldwide view of the event.

Previous editions involved the work of animators such as Iouri Tcherenkov, Paul Driessen, Abi Feijo, Eric Ledune, Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Michel Ocelot, Nina Paley and Raoul Servais. This year, this is the Egyptian director Ihab Shaker who designed the IAD visual

Each organisers participating to IAD can use the poster and the labels to create its own communication tools according to its needs: printed posters, flyers, booklets etc. But to guarantee the coherence of communication around IAD, these tools must include:

- the original IAD poster and the signature of Ihab Shaker

- the mention: “ 10th International animation day” (or its translation in local language)

- Asifa logo


IAD2011 HQ-TITLE IAD 2011 Poster



IAD2011 HQ-no title IAD 2011 Poster – No Titling



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